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Fast loans in 1 hour

Due to our collaboration with lending services, now, we can provide our clients with fast loans in a short time. Apply now and get funded within one business day. Don't lose the opportunity to use an efficient and easy way of getting money to solve your financial emergencies. You can also read more information about the risks and benefits of fast loans in one hour here.

Share/Savings Accounts 
Club Accounts 
 VACATION CLUB0.10% Div. Rate0.10% APY *
 HOLIDAY CLUB0.10% Div. Rate0.10% APY *
   *HOLIDAY CLUB: No Minimum. You cannot withdraw from this account during the year. Can be opened anytime during the year, but runs from 10/01 to 9/30. Dividends will be paid at maturity (before checks are mailed out).
   *VACATION CLUB: $5.00 Minimum. Can withdraw anytime during the year. Dividends paid quarterly.
   *Dividends will not be paid on balances under $100.00
IRA Accounts
 IRA-ROTH-EDUCATION0.80% Div. Rate0.80% APY *
   $50 Minimum  
   If closed within dividend period, no dividend will be paid for that quarter  
Share Draft Accounts
   No Fee
  Must open with $50.00
  VISA Check Card available - You can use any CU Dollar or PNC ATM free of charge
  1st 50 checks free
Share Savings
 REGULAR SHARES0.10% Div. Rate0.10% APY *
   $50 Minimum. Must Maintain $50.00 Balance 
  Dividends will not be paid on balances under $100.00
  Paid Quarterly
Certificates Of Deposit
  Not available at this time  
Loan Accounts
Unsecured Loans (Signature)
 Signature LoanRate 5.9% APR to 9.9% APR *   - Terms depending on amount borrowed
   $500 Minimum $7500 Maximum 10% Required in Share/Savings Maximum $500.00
Share-Secured Loans
 Share Secured Loan
  100% Required in Shares 
Under $5000.00 - 5.9% APR *
$5001.00 & Over - 4.9% APR *
Vehicle Loans
 New (Never been titled) Vehicles48 Months @ 4.9% APR *
 USED ( UP TO 3 YEARS OLD )48 Months @ 5.5% APR *
60 Months @ 5.9% APR *
72 Months @ 6.2% APR (over $15,000.00) *
 USED ( 4 TO 6 YEARS OLD )48 Months @ 7.9% APR *
   National Automobile Dealers Association  National Automobile Dealers Association  
Home Equity Loans
 *Contact office for information  
Better Choice Loans
 $500.00 - No credit check required.
  $20.00 Application fee
  Must be repaid in 3 months
15% APR on Payroll Deduction *
18% APR on Coupon Book *
Other Services
  • VISA Credit Card -     9.9% APR -     NO ANNUAL FEE.     Call for details *
  • Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance on loans is available where loan payments are made after a 14 day waiting period in case of sickness or injury.
  • Cancer Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance is also available. If interested, please contact our office for forms. This will be deducted from your Share Accounts as premiums become due.
  • Little Giant is pleased to announce that the three most popular Aflac programs are now available direct to members.
     Click here for more details.
Fees & Disclosures
Share (Savings) Account Fees
 Early Termination (within 90 days of opening) $10.00
Escheatment Fees$100.00
 Inactive Account Fee (after 12-months of inactivity on overall relationship)$1.00 / month
 Transfer Fees $5.00
Share Draft (Checking Acocunt) Fees
 Copy of Check Fee $3.00
 Copy of Statement Fee $5.00
 Non-Sufficient Funds (share drafts, ACH, ATM Fees) $30.00
 Stop Payment - Withdrawal Check $20.00
 Transfer Fees (to cover an overdraft) $5.00
 Wire Fees $15.00
Lending (Loan) Fees
 Loan Late Payment Fee (after 10 days grace period) $15.00
 VISA® Card Late Payment Fee (after 10 days grace period) $15.00
Other Fees
 Returned Mail Fee $3.00


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